The Excitement Of A Home Theater Experience!

The Excitement Of A Home Theater Experience!
Living In Harmony

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Majestic Diamonds were introduced in late October to the world in Rome, Italy at the Roma Hi-End (Audio) Show 2006. Mr. Gerardo Ventura, owner of Audio Azimuth, demonstrated the tiny speakers at the show and “received many comments saying that the [Majestic Diamond] sound presentation was one of the best of the show.”

Mr. Eric LoBue,, writes: [The Majestic Diamonds] “produce that rich, detailed sound audiophiles know and lust after. Instruments and voices are well articulated with good separation. Music jumps out of the speakers with enthusiasm while maintaining its integrity.” Mr. LoBue continues: “I would like to see this technology [ETL] get picked up by those large manufacturers of “home theater speaker system in the box” and portable boom box type systems.” The tiny size and astounding clarity of the Majestic Diamonds are especially suited for the flat TV. The Majestic Diamonds can be located behind the TV screen. No other speaker manufacturer can make this claim.

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