The Excitement Of A Home Theater Experience!

The Excitement Of A Home Theater Experience!
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A home theatre speaker system of his own

Most home today's will comes with the best decoration, design, lighting and furniture as today youngsters wants the best for their new home. One day I was invited to my friends open house. The house has five bedroom on the first floor and a place for relaxing, and a study room. On the ground floor its has a big hall with a bar counter, wet and dry kitchen, a dinners room and a big room which he has change it into a theatre room. The beauty of his theatre room is the sound thats comes out from his home theatre speaker system.

The sound thats comes out from his theatre room is much better than the sound that you are watching a movies at a cinema. You can listen to the foot step of a animal, the sound of plane. While watching the picture you can feel the trills inside you because the quality sound from his home theatre speaker system was fantastic good. He told us all his home theatre speaker system was design by a person who is very good in that job and all his home theatre system are branded ones.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Placing your home theatre speaker system at home

During the past everyone would go to a movie theatre to watch their favourite movie because of the sound systems. With todays technology most home can able to installed their home theatre sounds systems like you are enjoying a movie at a theatre. Most of the home theatre system will have 5.1 speaker setup which has a left and right front speakers,a center channel speaker and two surround speakers, and inclusive a dedicated subwoofer channel.

To make the sound better, the center channel is placed to the screen, it is mostly place directly on top of your tv screen. The front main speakers with the tweeters must be place at the proper listening height. The two surronding speakers should be placed directly to the left and right side of the tv and the subwoofer is most place in front at the corner of the hall.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enjoying home theatre system sound at home

Most home are equipped with the modern home theatre system that can match the sound system in a theatre. All you needs is 5.1 speaker set up and a quality subwoofer channel besides you can add more speakers and amplifier to make the sound better as you enjoying a drilling picture at the theatre. As the technology became very advance, the sound of the home theatre speaker system became very unque that you don't needs very big space to installed your home theatre system.

I had a friend who change one of his bedroom of four bedrooms apartments into a home theatre style theatre. All he has to do is to get the whole full sets of home theare speakers with subwoofer and tweeters and a 42inches LCD television. A center channel speaker was place directly on the top of the television. The front speaker with the tweeters is place above the ear levels to get the best sound. With another two speakers are place at the back of the sitting with is at standing position and both equal distance from the left and the right.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Home theatre system at home

Home stereo speaker are made of electronic devices which is designed to give a high quality of sound coming out from the speakers.The price of home theatre speakers are getting cheaper each year with new models, design and the lastest teclonogy of sound to make the room shake.

Watching the latest television picture without the home theatre sounds it gives you no drills and exciting to watch. Even the children will not like to stay at home to watch some of their favourite picture, they rather spends at their friends house which has a home theatre speaker.

Recendly I installed a Home theatre speaker system at home It cost me around fifteen thousand with a Lcd 42 inches television, a home theatre sets, with 5 speakers and a booser. Now I am enjoing the picture like a show at a cinema and beside I am more at home then spending my times drinking with friends at a lounge. My children face can be seen more often at home.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Having home theater speaker system at home

Recendly I moved in to my new apartments which is a five rooms apartments. As we love listening to nice music and past our times with our family watching good picture we decided to design one of the room into a theatre style room. We brought a LCD television with a full set of home theater speaker system and some nice relaxing chairs with a side small tables.

Now my children seldom goes out in facts their friends frequent visits them to enjoy the lastest movies that show in the cinemas. The picture and the sound was very good but still not as good as the theatre. The good advantage we had more time with the children and beside we know whom there mixing with.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Making your home like a home theatre speaker systems

Home theatre speaker systems has many different types and style of speaker systems that you can install in your home. One of the most important things you had to understand or know is that the higher the watt and ohm of the speaker, the greater the sound you will get from the home theatre speaker systems. If you are going to enjoy a good music or a best quality picture on the television or an actual projection screen theatre you requires a good model of good speakers that can carried the best sound.

Before choosing your home theatre speaker systems ones must not forget that the surround sound of a home theatre speaker system must be well place in your home. For example the surround speakers should be at least one and a one feet above the heads of the viewers and the front main centre speakers must be place on the left and right of the screen and also two supportive speakers be place at both coner of the room. You can add a speaker with a surround sound at the rear of the room to get the drilling and horror sound.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Getting the best out of home theatre speaker system at home

Home theatre system can be brought in separated components or all in one package. But buying in individual components is much prefer as you can get the best of all the systems. In home theatre speaker system you needs a good audio systems, you will needs a midrange speakers, a subwoofer, a set of tweeters and how many speakers you needs to install to get the best surrounding sound for your home theatre.

The most recommented sound surrounding systems are Dolby Pro Logic and Virtual Dolby.
A good crossover can make any driver sound good, while bad crossover can make even a good driver sound bad. The room surrounding also play a big role to the sound systems.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Quality of home theater speaker

The right quality and type of speaker can make or break our home theater speaker system as 50% of its impact is sound. If we want the perfect home theater system, it has to go hand-in-hand with an ultimate home listening experience that surpasses all others. The speaker is an important choice for those who are creating the ultimate in entertainment in their home. If the installation of the home theater system is to be installed in the home, some time may need to be carefully considered before purchasing a speaker system that will work fully, at least to the level that you need it to. There are several name brands on the market. Is one of these speaker brands better than another one? It is always about preferences and what is affordable to the budget. That is because for each person, there will be a different need, a different product and a different price range. Luckily, there are plenty of speaker options to select from on the home theater level.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

With growth in the overall PC market chugging along in the high single digits, Intel and AMD are keen to find new uses for their chips and reckon the growing amount of digital photos, music and video in homes will provide fertile ground.

AMD said it would work with consumer electronics companies and PC makers to offer a souped-up home theater system powered by its Athlon 64 chips. The device would enable surround sound, video recording, Internet and computing functions.

"This is one set top box-looking device that can act as a set top box, a DVR (digital video recorder), home theater or stereo, and can also play your PC content," said Aaron Feen, director of AMD's consumer marketing.

AMD also plans to offer a home media server that could store and stream music and video throughout a home.

"Over time, it gets consumers doing more sophisticated things, which ultimately demand more processing power ... and benefits us in turn," Feen told Reuters in an interview.

Last year, AMD continued to grab market share from Intel, which responded by refreshing its entire product line and slashing prices on older chips.